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Unlimited Websites on a Single Server - from $399
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"The Authentix product line sets a standard for capability, ease-of-use, flexibility and reliability"

AuthentiX is the essential tool for website access management.
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Form-based or 100% cookie-free "Basic Authentication" website protection while keeping your NT Users Names and Passwords private. Protect all files, not just ASP pages. Validate against internal database, text file or external ODBC datasource. Webmasters love AuthentiX.

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Prevent web account abuse

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"WebQuota saved me $4000 the very first day!"

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NEW!! WebQuota nows includes cookie based Limited Concurrent Logins protection- which prevents password sharing, even for users with revolving IP addresses! Read more here

WebQuota builds upon the success of AuthentiX with extra tools for account abuse prevention. Limit concurrent logins to your website and automatically terminate compromised accounts. Apply throttles to usage - by KBytes, requests or logins in a given period. Kill Spiders (restrict by Browser/User-Agent). Includes Dictionary Attack Protection.

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AuthentiX ISP, WebQuota ISP:

For Internet Service Providers who need to support multiple customers each with their own community of users. Each webhosted ISP customer gets their own separate database of members - even though they are on the same machine. Each ISP customer can remotely administer their membership database themselves.

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