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  Movie Review for Absence of Malice

Movie Review for
Absence of Malice

Absence of Malice
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Release date: 1981
Run length: 116 mins.
Categories: Drama , Romance

Summary: While investigating the death of a local union leader, an ambitious young reporter (Sally Field as Megan) becomes involved in a dangerous triangle of love, deceit, and national espionage. After all story leads fall through, shady government agent Rosen cajoles Megan into befriending financier, Gallagher (Paul Newman), a man with filial ties to the Mafia. Becoming Gallagher's confidant, Megan conducts a secret investigation of his life and is soon convinced that Gallagher is involved with the murder. Megan then publishes an article containing a staggering amount of incriminating evidence against him.

Written by American journalist Kurt Luedtke, ABSENCE OF MALICE takes an honest look at the world of journalism. Its dialogue and characters are of the upmost realism. Newman delivers a riveting performance as the innocent "patsy," fingered by the government. Director Pollack and writer Kurt Luedtke team up again four years after this film to script the epic OUT OF AFRICA.

                         Reviews of Absence of Malice

Emanuel Levy of EmanuelLevy.Com (7/0)
            An offensive film to intelligent viewers that will particularly disturb women since the journalis...

Dennis Schwartz of Ozus' World Movie Reviews (7/0)
            Well-meaning liberal message story.

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